Be in harmony with nature

Are 100% green, sustainable, and here! The next wave of all ski waxes. We're researching in harmony with nature to protect our mountains and provide you with a truly sustainable ski.


100% vegetable waxes

All our waxes are made with 100% natural ingredients. A perfect blend based on extracts of soybeans and corn. No toxic additives. Main objective: a maximum enjoy with a sustainable ski.

100% innovation without using fluorates or paraffins

More than two years of co-operation with international laboratories, using the newest technologies and innovative natural additives. Result: a new green wax with the best market features.

100% effective

Protect your skis and ensure its optimum performance for the life of the product. Providing the maximum sliding in extreme circumstances, improving your control and complying with the highest requirements of top users.

100% eco wax. Biodegradable.
No fluorines, paraffins or other oil components. Vegetal and natural additives. Vegan.

#1 Liquid solutions

NZERO liquid solutions are ideal for temperatures between 0ºC and -30ºC and for any type of snow, and ready to apply cold, anywhere, anytime, at the slopes, at home, at the hotel… wherever you want and with the peace of mind that it has no effect on the environment, unlike traditional toxic waxes.


#2 Solid solutions

In addition, and completing the range of 100% ecological waxes and after several years of development and field tests, NZero has managed to improve and expand its full range of ecological waxes for the hot waxing of skis and snowboards.


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A wax for each type of snow:

Temp range: +5ºC to -5ºC
Application temp: 95ºC to 100ºC max.

Temp range: 0ºC to -6ºC
Application temp: 100ºC to 110ºC max.

-15ºC COLD
Temp range: -4ºC to -12ºC
Application temp: 110ºC to 120ºC max.

Temp range: -10ºC to -30ºC
Application temp: 120ºC max.

Awards and press references

"ISPO Award 2017 Category Eco Responsibility"

ISPO Award

"The Coolest Eco-Friendly Snowboard Gear 2019"

The Fair Cottage

"Sciare in modo sostenibile: NZERO, la sciolina ecologica"

Sport Sostenibile

"NZERO - Eco Ski Waxes gewinnt den diesjährigen ECO AWARD der Stiftung Sicherheit im Skispor"

Stiftung Sicherheit im Skisport


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